STEC Micro SAS 1.8″ SFF SSDs Availability Announced


STEC is announcing the immediate availability of the first Micro SAS SSD that is shipping as part of the expanded sTec s800 family of SAS drives. The new 1.8″ SFF (small-form-factor) Micro SAS SSDs are available through sTec and its distributors in 200GB and 400GB capacities. These drives are engineered for implementation in blade servers and in caching and high-density computing. Existing sTec s800 2.5″ SAS SSDs range up to 2TB, and sTec is also announcing that all of these drives are now available with 256-bit AES-XTS encryption for applications that require the utmost data protection, such as: cloud computing, data centers, and government and defense.

The 1.8″ SFF design not only provides an option for a vastly reduced footprint, it also ships with low power consumption to meet the power requirements of organizations that require it. Compared to 2.5″ SAS SSDs, the 1.8″ Micro SAS SSDs draw 20% less power. These features coupled with the performance and endurance of sTec SSDs provide a valuable enterprise solution.

The sTec Micro SAS 1.8″ SFF drives are available in 200GB and 400GB capacities now.