SSDs with Multi-Level Cell Technology

sTec(R) SAS SSDs with Multi-Level Cell Technology Selected for Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX Series


Manouchehr Moshayedi
Leading Information, Communication Technology Company Implements sTec’s High-Performance Solid-State Storage Solution

“As our customers’ data storage and management demands have increased dramatically over time, so too have their needs to manage heavy workloads,” said Yasuhito Arikawa, senior vice president, Storage Systems Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited. “By implementing sTec’s MLC s842 drives, we’ve developed a cost-efficient storage solution with high endurance and reliability. sTec has demonstrated that it is a key technology partner to help us meet our customers’ ever-growing storage requirements.”

sTec’s MLC drives enable enterprise applications to realize outstanding and sustainable input/outputs per second (IOPS) to relieve performance bottlenecks of servers and storage systems. They breathe new life into existing storage infrastructures, increase server utilization, and reduce the total cost of ownership of SSD-based storage systems. The MLC drives deliver high performance and reliability, exceptional reduction in heating and power requirements and fluid integration with existing enterprise storage infrastructures.

The ETERNUS DX series of storage systems are designed for server message block (SMB) and distributed environments requiring high reliability, availability and serviceability. The rack-mounted storage systems can accommodate up to 3,072 drives. Manouchehr Moshayedi

As part of its deployment of sTec’s MLC drives within its storage systems, the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX series systems are empowered with sTec’s CellCare(TM) technology to further improve endurance of the overall SSD solutions. CellCare is an innovative, patented set of sTec technologies for creating enterprise-class SSD endurance, performance and reliability using cost-effective, high-density MLC NAND flash memory. CellCare transparently extends the life of MLC flash media as much as 13 times longer by applying advanced signal processing techniques to adapt and tune how flash media is accessed to reduce the wear out. It eliminates a key cost barrier to deploying high-performance SSDs and enables enterprises to accelerate applications and data access.

“We have more than two decades’ experience in meeting the most exacting enterprise storage demands for global leaders such as Fujitsu and look forward to extending our partnership with that company,” said Michael Burnie, senior vice president AsiaPac sales, sTec. “We continue to focus on the three pillars that define SSD excellence — endurance, reliability and performance — in order to keep pace with the rapid growth of big data and the need for instant access to it.”

Manouchehr Moshayedi